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We continue to look for opportunities to grow our business through collaboration with our subsidiaries by leveraging on our client base, business network and market knowledge.

We aim to work side-by-side with our partners and affiliates to jointly create value in the opportunities that we target.


Vortiv Ltd (formerly known as Transaction Solutions International Ltd) is an ASX listed technology-based company. Our approach is to invest and collaborate with promising businesses who have commercialised solutions in the digital, cyber security, analytics and cloud services sector, to jointly create value in the opportunities that we target. Vortiv has two operating businesses: Decipher Works and Cloudten.

our business

Cloudten is a cloud consulting practice and an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, specialising in the design, delivery and support of secure cloud-based solutions. Cloudten is the first AWS partner in Australia to have achieved the highly exclusive Government, Security and DevOps competencies due to its successful delivery of many complex and secure cloud solutions to large government agencies and enterprises since 2014.

Data Services

We offer a full suite of services aimed at designing, building and managing your data solutions including data lakes, warehouses and advanced analytics platforms. We have designed and managed data infrastructures which have powered some of our customers’ most critical workloads. Our experienced team consists of data analysts, engineers and scientists.

Cloud Security

We work with organisations to understand their security and compliance requirements and devise cloud strategies and governance models. Using cloud native security controls, leading commercial solutions and DevSecOps best practices, we ensure your security posture is maintained without slowing down innovation. Cloudten is ISO 27001 certified with CISSP and AWS Professional qualified staff.

Machine Learning and AI

We are building the future generation of applications with Machine Learning/AI technologies. Using Image/Video Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analysis and IVR Solutions, we develop robust, secure, scalable applications for your competitive advantage.

Managed Services

Cloudten has proven capability in delivering AWS managed services to enterprise and government organisations, and cost optimisation plays an integral part of Cloudten’s design strategy. Through the use of effective monitoring, 24x7 support and automation, we aim to identify opportunities for significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

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Decipher Works is a Sydney-based cybersecurity specialist, providing consulting, support and managed services to financial institutions and large corporations. The company has strong long-term relationships with many of the major banks and institutions in Australia, and is now moving into other market sectors such as Insurance and Financial Services businesses.

Cyber Security Consulting

Address Cyber Security challenges, business goals and requirements, in order to realise the best experience for your organisation and your customers.

Identity Governance

Increase productivity and security whilst reducing risk by ensuring the right people have access to the right resources within your organisation.

Access Management

Enable your businesses growth by securely sharing information across applications between organisations, suppliers, partners and customers.

Managed Services

Focus on your core business by leveraging reliable and committed, high-calibre services via a client-focused, structured and collaborative approach.

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Vortiv also holds a 24.89% interest in TSI India, a company having 400 employees, which has created a scalable operation in the field of e-transaction and payments in India. TSI India has over 30 major bank relationships, owns and manages approximately 14,000 ATM machines for 35 Tier-1 banks in India. TSI India processes more than 550 million transactions, amounting to INR1.5 trillion (AUD31 billion) per year, over this ATM network. TSI India also offer Bill Payment services to a number of utility companies in India and owns a Managed Services platform.

TSI India Expansion

TSI India has expanded into payment solutions for utilities, telcos and insurance companies. The payment solutions enable users to make cash, cheque or card payments using kiosk terminals, mobile phones or tablets. In addition, TSI India has also created new products and services in-house, such as e-surveillance and power management. The e-surveillance solution is a managed services product that enables real-time/event-based video monitoring of any security breach.


TSI’s provides end-to-end ATM managed services to many of the largest banks in India. TSI has established partnerships with leading players, and built deep experience and capabilities in Switching, Payment Gateway and Recon.

Bill Payments

TSI provides bill payment solution through its network of self-service payment kiosks.  The solution consist of 24x7 field support and end-to-end process management capabilities to support cash, cheques & cards payment transactions through various hardware platforms.


TSI’s electronic surveillance solution uses real-time/event-based video monitoring to proactively identify and prevent active security threats. It features advanced image analytics which provides real-time reports to their 24x7 Central Monitoring Station (CMS).

Power Management

TSI’s power management solution provides remote control access for your A/C and door entry settings to optimise operating cost. In addition, it has built-in detection and alerts for intrusion, fault, smoke and power outage based on detailed analytics.  

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